Our Story

I grew up eating empanadas every Sunday in Chile. Empanadas are a family tradition for special occasions like Independence Day and for gatherings of friends and family. Eating empanadas, for me, means family and friends being together.

In 2007, I met my beautiful wife. We made a family of our own and settled in Texas. I started cooking the traditional plates of my country for her and our son, as I missed the flavors of Chile. Soon we started inviting friends over to share the wonderful plates of my childhood. The baked empanadas got great reviews from our friends, so I started to explore more varieties. After living in Texas for a few years, I was ready to share this experience of flavor and texture that the empanada of my childhood offers.

The presentation is always very important. The dough can’t be too dry or too greasy, and the filling can’t be lacking in flavor and must be generous in portion. My goal is to recreate the classic empanadas that I ate growing up as well as reflect the new culinary experiences I have had in Texas. My intention is to give Central Texas the opportunity to enjoy and experience the perfect complement between the dough and the filling of the empanada.