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Why We Do This

We believe an empanada gives an experience, not only of perfect crust and flavorful filling, but also an experience of tradition, a place, and memory that each flavor brings to your table. An empanada brings family and friends together.


Giving without obligation

“Yapa” in Quechua and Mapuche means “what is given without an obligation: a gift.” That word felt right to us. It represents what we want to give when people try our empanadas. We want to give a little extra - filling, flavor, good memories, a place, a tradition.

With an empanada we want to share an experience: that’s the extra.

La empanada te lleva a un lugar donde estuviste o donde te gustaría ir.

Yapa Empanadas is not a transaction but an experience (no es una transacción sino una experiencia)

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of empanadas in the market and to create a memorable experience for our customers in terms of texture, filling and rich taste of our empanadas.

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Margo Whitt
Margo Whitt
What an excellent empanada. I tried the Spinach & Goat cheese (3 kinds of cheeses, pecans, chard, onions and spinach). They don't skimp on the stuffing, either. It tasted fresh and the flavor was excellent. At $4-$5 it's a good cheap light meal.
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